Succulent Pumpkins

Remember when I said I was going to do a craft project? Here it is! Succulent pumpkins. 


They were rather easy to make. Jack helped. We made at least 10 of them in various sizes and gave most to friends as autumn gifts. We followed the directions on this site. Theoretically the succulents should grow into the pumpkin. When the pumpkin starts to soften, the top can be sliced off and the succulents planted in a pot. As long as mine lives to see Thanksgiving, I'll be happy.

I ordered some succulent cuttings from Etsy, but found that it was actually less expensive to buy a variety of succulents from Home Depot for cuttings. We also used hens & chicks from our backyard and some old, leggy succulents I had from an old wreath. Now I am attempting to re-grow various succulents in every sunny spot in my home. For a brief moment I considered getting a greenhouse and becoming a succulent farmer... but only for a brief moment!

Already pondering what else I can do with succulents...