Is It Next Weekend Yet?

10AM on Monday and this week already feels long! Maybe because we woke to a cloudy sky and are looking at another week of rainy weather? Seriously, when you are accustomed to a lot of sunshine, multiple cloudy days is a bit depressing.

We were happy to get some sunshine this weekend. We had little planned because we thought we would be doing the final push to ready the house for the renovation (which has been delayed waiting on permits). Ended up being a lovely, full weekend.

Saturday morning the kids volunteered with their swim team doing a creek clean up. There was a long list of disgusting things the group found... we had a bit of a debate if the grossest things were the "best" things or the "worst" things... But there was no debate that the "best" part of the clean up was being accompanied by Rosco the donkey!


Since the kids got free hot chocolates for volunteering, we headed straight to Rosco's Coffee House (namesake of aforementioned donkey). It was good to drink a chai and have some time with other swim team parents away from the pool.

Saturday afternoon a friend and I hiked Mt. Cutler. We were going to do Mt. Muscoco also, but rain brought us down early and sent us to Good Neighbors for Saturday chai #2 for me!

Saturday night was pretty low key. Kate had late swim practice, and the rest of us went to Garden of the Gods club for a little workout, swim, and whirlpool. I could spend a lot of time in this infinity pool!


Sunday we did a family hike with friends to Pancake Rocks. The gold of the aspen leaves was peaking, and this area is definitely one of the hot spots for views!


By Sunday evening we were all exhausted and did a bunch of nothing. Which is maybe why I'm facing a house in desperate need of picking up this morning. Already nostalgic for this last weekend and looking forward to the next one!