First Freeze

We had our first snow yesterday. I was in denial all weekend that it would actually happen. There was nothing but frost when we awoke, but by mid-morning it was snowing steadily. Despite not wanting winter weather yet, there was no denying how beautiful the snow looks when it covers the world.


On the oregano blossoms... butterflies on Sunday... snow on Monday...

But our first hard freeze didn't come until last night. I covered the front porch mums, but everything else was wilted and dull this morning. I expected to lose the butterflies with the summer plants, but they surprised me! I suppose they too can withstand a freeze with a little cover.

Today the sun chased away the cold faster than it arrived. This afternoon's walk during Jack's piano lesson was reminiscent of last week's walk. Not nearly the butterflies numbers as before but still constant as the dogs and I walked the path. 

My favorite memory of today was seeing a butterfly dance with a falling leaf. Not sure if the butterfly was confused and thought the leaf was another butterfly? The two movements are so similar. Or maybe it was a final farewell as they both move from summer and prepare for a new season.