Halloween Happenings

And just like that Halloween 2017 is over...

Other than decorating, our Halloween celebration is mostly limited to October 31st. Even with the decorations, I like to pull out the cute decorations mid-October but don't like the gory decorations up until the day of Halloween (actually I don't like the gory decorations at all... but everyone else has fun with them).

I love quilted Halloween items, but only managed to make one new thing this year. From black cat fabric that Jack gave me for Christmas last year. I have a little more and want to make some pillows for the front porch. Maybe next year.


Our tradition is to pick out and carve pumpkins on Halloween afternoon. Any earlier and the squirrels eat them! We held the tradition this year only the kids are now mostly independent with carving.


We have family friends that we love to have over for Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating. This year we had Three Sisters Stew, brain jello, and skeleton Cheetos for dinner. Soup is really the way to go for Halloween dinner. Pre-prepared, hearty, warm, healthy. This was our first brain jello but definitely a hit and a new tradition. Maybe more of a table decoration than side dish! And skeleton Cheetos because I'm a push over at the grocery store.


Kate dressed up as a taco. Jack was dressed steampunk. Just happy no one wanted to look bloody this year.


And Tripper was an unhappy chili cheese dog...


My friend Kerri and I sat on the front porch snuggled under blankets and handing out candy while the dads took the kids door to door. The cold kept the trick-or-treater numbers down... I'm guessing only 500 or so this year... about half of last year! The boys benefited from the lower numbers by raking in the candy as the night finished. 


Halloween Notes for My Future Self:

  • Have the kids make brain jello day before Halloween so they are doing it, not you
  • The motion sensor monster on the front gate was a hit
  • Make pillows for the front porch
  • Look for a rustic candle holder for the mantel
  • Find/make a Halloween music play list
  • Halloween falls on a Saturday in 2020. Start planning a haunted house party again!
  • You really don't need any more Halloween decorations