Happy Birthday To Me

For my birthday I decided to start a new website and blog. I miss documenting my life and thoughts, but feel that I have outgrown my old blogger site. Going experiment in this new space and see what happens. I have some thoughts and ideas, but we'll see how it all evolves. To get myself back in the rhythm of blogging, I am going to attempt to blog a bit everyday for the foreseeable future. Maybe words, maybe images, maybe both.

My birthday was pretty much a regular family day except for the birthday wishes sent through the day from so many people that are important to me. For this next year, I am going to make an effort to be better about acknowledging birthdays for everyone I know.

My birthday cake is traditionally a yellow cake with chocolate frosting decorated with Brach's candy pumpkins. The candy pumpkins are a must. Kate made this year's cake... it was definitely a homemade work of love!

(I have no idea how to make this photo smaller... maybe I'll figure that out tomorrow!)