Big Changes

Did I say blog everyday? Let's go with every other day!

We are about to do a major house renovation, and I couldn't be more excited. We will be moving the kitchen, opening our little office/homeschool room into a sitting room, redoing the kids' bathroom, and adding a master suite. It should start next week (although I'm doubtful that the permits will be ready as we are still waiting on a final architect plan) and take about 3 months.

Because our house is over 100 years old, we are trying to do our best to keep with the style of the house and reuse old elements wherever possible. We are also trying to reuse non-antique elements of the house to improve other areas and save some money.

Our current kitchen cabinets are old but good quality. We are moving some of them into our laundry room to replace lower quality cabinets and add some storage. The cabinet guy came on Monday and took down some of my kitchen cabinets.


These upper cabinets were moved


here over my washer and dryer. They look so much better than the old laminate cabinets we removed! Once the big renovation is done, I'll focus on the laundry room and probably paint these a fun color.

*Note that this area is going to be my make shift kitchen during the renovation


But this is what my kitchen looks like now - and it's only going to get worse. The best part is a wall history at least 5 layers deep that's was uncovered.