Rainy Day Projects

Colorado Springs doesn't get many rainy, gloomy days, but we've had our fair share for almost a week now. I think it has been days since I've even seen the mountains. I'm ready for sunshine. The weather report tells me soon.

The weather has made for good stay at home time. I've been steadily emptying all the rooms in the back of our house in preparation for our renovation. It is a slow process as I sort every item into what we'll need the next few months (and find it a new place), what we won't need the next few months (and box it up for storage), and what we don't need anymore at all (and pile it up to be donated). If I'm being honest, there is plenty that is going into storage that probably needs to be donated. There is also plenty going straight to the garbage. How does one miss chili sauce that expired 3 years ago?!


The gloomy weather did inspire me to finally pull out autumn decorations. Jack also wanted to  put up Halloween, but I need a few more weeks before I can go down that road. I wish I could convey how cozy my living room feels with the mantel decorated and candles. lit. This afternoon's activity will most likely be lighting a fire and starting a puzzle on the coffee table. 


Yesterday I got tired of being in the house and felt the urge to start a creative project (because I need another project like I need a hole in the head!). Despite the rain I was productive with errands - Target, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware, the pharmacy - in the few hours I have every morning. I got everything I need, and I'll share if it turns out (and maybe if it doesn't!).


Our old kitchen cabinets continue to get a new life. Jack used a drawer piece to make Lego storage. We picked up the hardware we needed yesterday, and last night he added wheels for easy moving around his room. He is considering adding Lego baseplates to the top for creating scenes, but his mom might not be able to handle another project until the snowy weather sets in...