2018 New Year Resolutions - January

My inclination is always to do a big update when I haven't blogged. Instead I'm just going to start back with where I am... which is a bit overwhelmed with the disarray of my life! Tough to find any motivation when half your house is stuffed into the other half and the heart of your home is shifted. But getting there.

With visitors and illnesses between Christmas and New Year's, I didn't spend as much time on my resolutions as I normally do. But probably still more time than most! This year I decided to tackle a new habit or project for different areas of life and take on new ones each month while hopefully maintaining the previous monthly habits. I used Gretchen Rubin's "Essential Seven" as a guide for my categories (I renamed and tweaked them for my purposes). Here's my resolutions for January and how I'm doing so far...

1. DIET/HEALTH - Limiting sugar consumption to Friday evening to Sunday night and holidays (with a few exceptions like in black tea, my gummy vitamins, etc - the focus is more on limiting desserts, candy, etc). So far I've done really well. It helps getting through the week to know that I can have as much sugar as I want on the weekends. I did make an exception in the first week when I was sick with a really sore throat - I had some fruit popsicles to soothe it.

2. EXERCISE - Get back to regular tennis by attending at least one drill/week, having a monthly lesson, and playing in a league. This is a fun one for me, but we recently switched clubs and I needed the motivation to get involved. I've been attending weekly drills, joined a singles league, but I need to get a lesson scheduled.

3. FINANCES - Restart Mvelopes and check daily. I've used this budgeting tool for years, however I quit keeping up with it in 2017. It was too overwhelming to sit down monthly, or even weekly, to file our expenditures. I thought it might actually be easier to do it daily because it should only take a minute or so. Sure enough! It has been much easier to maintain this way. I'll just need about half an hour at the end of the month to review with Matt and shift any leftover money to savings or investments.

4. ENJOY LIFE - Ready The Independent weekly. This is doing double duty for enjoying life. I always meant to regularly read this publication for events and restaurants to try, but I never seemed to get around to it. I've scheduled a time every Wednesday when The Indy comes out to go to a nearby cafe to enjoy lunch or a tea and peruse the publication.

5. ACCOMPLISH - Get up at 6am every weekday morning. I've been doing AWFUL at this. Thinking I should have started with an early bedtime first...

6. ORGANIZE - Follow daily readings of A Year To Clear What Is Holding You Back. On track here. Have had a day or two where I have to makeup for not reading the previous day, but that works.

7. RELATIONSHIPS - Remember and acknowledge birthdays. This stems for appreciating the Facebook birthday wishes I receive every year but being horrible about reciprocating. I'm going to be better with checking Facebook daily to send birthday wishes, and I'm also going to work towards appropriate acknowledgement (card, gift, etc) of closer friends' birthdays.