February Mini Resolutions 2018

On to February! And stacking to January goals/habits. I admit yesterday I didn't do so well with my new goals/habits because I didn't realize it was already the first of the month... 

1. DIET/HEALTH - Drink  a warm glass of water with lemon every morning. I want to work on my hydration and hoping this is an easy step and a good way to start the day. I am hoping that by warming the water I'll enjoy it more. In the past I've tried a big glass of cold water in the morning - Eck!

  • January - Limit sugar to weekends and holidays

2. EXERCISE - Get back to toning classes (Pilates, Barre, etc). I feel like I'm cheating with this goal as I've been  to a few Pilates and Barre classes in January already, but it was irregular. I would like to get into a regular routine with classes at my club AND try the newer Pilates studio near me.

  • January - Attend tennis drills and lessons regularly

3. FINANCES - Backyard living space renovation (house renovation phase 2). Need to finalize a design, get estimates, and get on the contractor's schedule. And most importantly, figure out how to pay for it!

  • January - Maintain Mvelopes

4. ENJOY LIFE - Plan next 6 months of travel - spring break, two long weekends this spring, summer travel, etc.

  • January - Ready The Independent weekly

5. ACCOMPLISH - Set and follow a weekday night time routine. Hoping this will get me to bed earlier, help me sleep better, and allow me to read more fiction. Allowing myself to tweak as I go, but here is the current plan: 1. Set Alarms as reminders 2. Wrap up, pick up, review tomorrow 3. Shower/Bathroom routine 4. Read at least 2 pages of fiction 5. Lights out by 10:30PM

  • January - Wake up at 6AM, Get up at 6:30AM (edited in attempt to be successful)

6. ORGANIZE - Play the Minimalism Game. I actually messed up last month, thought this was my organizing goal, and played for almost 2 weeks! Not a problem as there is still plenty of stuff that needs to move on.

  • January - Follow DailyOm daily

7. RELATIONSHIPS - Restart my daily gratitude practice. I used to do this but got out of the habit. More than just identifying what I'm grateful for, I plan to reach out daily and express my gratitude to someone.

  • January - Acknowledge birthdays