Mini Resolutions 2018 - January Recap

The chaos continues at our house. My best intentions of updating our progress regularly have not gone well. It is much more work to live through a renovation than one can imagine. But we are progressing, and hopefully I will muster the energy to post some pictures soon.


While I have not been doing well with the updates, I have been doing really well with my January resolutions. I've recently read Habit Stacking and Mini Habits (and earlier last year The Kaizen Way) which explain why my smaller habits have worked so well.

Here's a little update on how the month progressed. Tomorrow I'll share my February resolutions.

1. DIET/HEALTH - Limiting sugar consumption to Friday evening to Sunday night and holidays. This has worked SO WELL for me. Knowing that the weekend is coming really helps me get through the week, but I've found that even my weekend sugar consumption has gone down.

Next Month: Will continue this into February.

2. EXERCISE - Get back to regular tennis by attending at least one drill/week, having a monthly lesson, and playing in a league. I LOVE being back to tennis. All the new tennis made it difficult to find time for a lesson, but I'm keeping with the spirit of the resolution to play more.

Next Month: I don't feel the need to track this moving forward. I'm confident I'll continue to attend drills and continue playing.

3. FINANCES - Restart Mvelopes and check daily. Going to (almost) daily filing of expenses has helped me keep up with our budget. I feel so much more confident knowing where our money is going and how much is available for investments or larger expenditures.

Next Month: will continue to check daily

4. ENJOY LIFE - Ready The Independent weekly. So I picked up The Indy every Wednesday, but I was not good about reading it. The time I initially chose filled up with another activity and once home, it was difficult to find the time.

Next Month: Continue to pick up publication and work to find a dedicated time to read it.

5. ACCOMPLISH - Get up at 6am every weekday morning. My one, big FAIL of the month. Woke up at 6am a handful of time, but only got out of bed twice...

Next Month: Will continue to set my alarm and track. Hoping my bedtime routine goal for next month will improve my get up time.

6. ORGANIZE - Follow daily readings of A Year To Clear What Is Holding You Back. Doing great.

Next Month: Will continue to follow daily readings and track progress

7. RELATIONSHIPS - Remember and acknowledge birthdays. I did really well with my Facebook birthday wishes (and only got distracted by the Facebook abyss a few times). Not so great with birthdays outside Facebook. Will work on that.

Next Month: Continue daily Facebook birthday wishes. Think about how to remember other birthdays... maybe on my quarterly planning calendar.