Mini Resolutions Review

How is it the end of February?! The renovation is wearing me down. Makes it really difficult to stick to any habit/routine that centers around home. Good news is that we should be completely done by April 1st. But then what will I use as my excuse for everything?


  • February - Drink  a warm glass of water with lemon every morning - not once did I do this! Can I blame the kitchen renovation? I did buy a new lemon squeezer... need to look at other ways to increase my water intake
  • January - Limit sugar to weekends and holidays - Yes, except for one rather emotionally tough evening, but then right back on the bandwagon


  • February - Get back to toning classes (Pilates, Barre, etc) - yes, except I did not call the local Pilates studio. Feeling like maybe I'm getting enough through the gym
  • January - Attend tennis drills regularly - yup!


  • February - Backyard living space renovation (house renovation phase 2) - told contractor that we need to get on the schedule, earmarked some funds, but haven't actually done a formal plan
  • January - Maintain Mvelopes - Yup!


  • February - Plan next 6 months of travel - spring break planned, vacation time for Matt approved, rough plan for long weekends and June travel, still discussing end of summer travel
  • January - Ready The Independent weekly - mostly...


  • February - Set and follow a weekday night time routine - funny how I *know* I'll feel better if I read before bed (instead of using phone) and turn off the light at a decent hour, yet it is still sometimes so difficult to do. Will continue tweaking until I arrive at something that works.
  • January - Wake up at 6AM, Get up at 6:30AM (edited in attempt to be successful) - even the edited version has NOT been successful! I have a new idea to try for next month...


  • Play the Minimalism Game - I did so well the first two weeks but then quit tracking... but I continued to declutter at an alarming rate!
  • January - Follow DailyOm daily - had to play a bit of catch-up today for the last week, but until then I've been doing well


  • Restart my daily gratitude practice - not consistently...
  • January - Acknowledge birthdays - doing pretty well, although I need to get my niece's present in the mail!